Fencing Prices

Please see our fencing prices below. Please get in touch to discuss your fencing requirements. One of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with any query you may have.

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Timber Fence Panels

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Cottage Fence Panels

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Wooden Fence Panels

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Trellis Fencing

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Diamond Trellis Fence Panels

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Timber Posts

Square Timber Posts

SizeDip TreatedPressure Treated
10ft 3"X3"€18.25
8ft 3"X3"€10.35€14.75
6ft 3"X3"€8.35€12.25
5ft 3"X3"€7.70€11.40
8ft 4"X3€16.95
6ft 4"X3€12.20
10ft 4"X4€24.45
8ft 4"X4€19.80
6ft 4"X4€14.40

Round Timber Posts

SizePressure Treated
8ft 6"€27.00
12ft 4"€24.35
8ft 4"€16.20
6ft 4"€13.20
8ft 3"€12.00
6ft 3"€8.50
5ft 3"€7.40
6ft 2"€6.60
5ft 2"€5.40

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Concrete Posts


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Fencing Accessories

3x3Bolt down€11
4x4Bolt down€13
3x3Met Spike (24")€15.50
4x4Met Spike (30")€17.50
3x3 & 4x4Square Post Cap€3.50
Acorn Post Caps€6.00

*Prices correct as of January 2016. All prices are in Euro, prices include VAT @ 23%, prices do not include delivery. Other sizes and styles available on request. Measurements are in 1.8m lengths and are in 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m heights as standard. All products are approximate & constructed to metric measurements. Imperial measurements quoted are solely for convenience of our customers. All timber fencing panels can be fitted on wooden posts or concrete posts.
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