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How to Assemble a Garden Shed in 7 simple steps!

Build, assemble and erect a garden shed in 7 simple steps!

Find out how to build and erect a garden shed. This step by step will guide will help you assemble your garden shed in 7 simple steps!

1)  Prepare a level base.  If the shed is to go on a concrete, paved or tarmacadam base, simply lay out the 2”x1½” timber bearers in parallel rows where the shed is to go.  These should be parallel to the front of the shed and approx. 18” apart.  If the shed is on an area where there is grass or clay, lay out 4” solid concrete blocks in rows and lay the timber bearers on these.  Make sure bearers are level from left to right and back to front.

2)  Lay floor of shed onto the timber bearers.  The runners under the floor should be at right angles to the timber bearers.   Check that the floor is level.

figure a how to erect a garden shed

3)        (SEE FIG. A)  Erect back gable end.  Ensure that end board overlaps and is flush with floor before securing with nails.  All wall panels have a board at thebottom that overlaps the floor.

how to erect a garden shed figure b4)        (SEE FIG. B)  Now attach side walls to gable by nailing the uprights to the gable first and then nail to the floor.  A side with windows can be put on either the left or the right hand side.

how to erect a garden shed figure c5) (SEE FIG. C)  Fit door section only when end gable and side walls are fully secured.  Again nail to the side sections first and then to the floor.

how to erect a garden shed figure c6)        (SEE FIG. D)  Place two nails at each apex of roof – one nail at each side of the point.  Place roof sections in place, hanging them on these nails joining at the apex.  Make sure roof sections are the correct way up.  The lower parts of the roof are felted.  Before nailing, make sure the roof pieces are square to the shed using the nails to manoeuvre the roof.  Nail to the points of the gable section.  Nail the roof to the sides of the shed from the inside.  If the shed has a roof overhang make sure it’s at the front of the shed.  Place strip of felt on top of roof, nail down and secure underneath.

7)        (SEE FIG. D)  Nail on facia boards over felt on gable ends, corner slips to cover joints and window slips to secure glass

Why Buy An Abwood Garden Shed?

Abwood Homes is the leading manufacturer of garden sheds in Ireland.  Abwood have this dominant position because of the quality and value of its products, the wide range of styles and sizes available and the level of service and backup it provides.

The main structure of Abwood sheds are nailed not stapled to help avoid any loosening of the timbers over time.
Galvanised hardware is used to help give a trouble free long life to hinges and bolts.
Pressure treated timber bearers are used under the sheds. These long- life maintenance free timbers help in ensuring a long life for your shed.
The standard sheds are treated with a preservative before delivery and we do recommend that customers treat their shed again within 2 to 6 months of purchase.  After that, regular treatment every one to two years will ensure a long life from their Abwood shed.

Size & Design
Abwood Homes offers the widest range of sizes, designs and timbers types available on the Irish market.
Sheds are available in Rustic and Delux timber, with both types of timber available in pressure treated long life finish.

Rustic sheds are constructed with 10mm overlap boards with butt jointed floors.  Please note that rustic sheds are very basic sheds, for example, in the case of heavy rain blowing against the shed, the rain will soak through the timber.  When the weather dries out the shed will also dry out and there is no structural damage to the shed but it may limit the types of items that can be stored in the shed.  If the rustic shed is in a sheltered position in the garden this situation may never arise but we like customers to be aware of the possibility.  Where sheds are to be used as utility rooms with electrical goods we would always recommend the Delux shed.

Delux sheds are constructed with 22mm kiln dried weather sheeting with tongued and grooved floor and ceilings.
Delux pressure treated sheds come as standard with a breather membrane lining as an added feature.
Barrelboard Sheds are made of pressure treated timber with a rounded finish to the timber giving a slight log effect.  Barrelboard sheds come with a breather membrane lining as standard.

Pressure Treated timber has been impregnated with preservative, it is very long life and while the timber may develop minor surface cracks, it does not require any maintenance. Pressure treated timber can be very pale almost untreated looking in colour but tends to develop a greenish tinge over time.  If the customer wishes to change the colour of a pressure treated shed it can be painted with any of the proprietary brands of treatment or stains on the market

Roofing Materials
The standard roofing material on Abwood garden sheds is heavy duty mineral felt.  Abwood can also provide, as an optional extra, galvanised box profile roof cladding (dark green in colour) or felt tile effect roofing.

Service & Backup
Standard Abwood sheds can usually be delivered within a week to 10 days of ordering.  Before delivery the customer is contacted by Abwood to arrange a convenient delivery time and to check that all details of the delivery are correct.
Should a problem concerning defective materials or workmanship arise with any shed after delivery, Abwood provide a backup service to ensure customer satisfaction with our products.